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Eighty in a Night

I opened my eyes and lay there motionless,
In my bed with nothing at all in my head,
Blinking and staring and staring and blinking,
Nothing to be heard; nothing to be said.

But then again, that was unusual for me,
As I couldn’t hear the calls from my mother,
Telling me how late I was for school,
Nor a sign of my annoying brother.

I sat up and looked around,
It wasn’t same at all.
Where did my bats go?
Where was my basketball?
Where did my playthings go?
How did I get this tall?

I ran to the mirror,
And stood there staring,
At the weird old person,
Who stood there, at me, gazing.

He had crinkles on his face,
And was feeble as I could see,
I tried to give explanations but in vain,
So who could he be, but me?!

I was ten the last night that I slept,
I remember my mother singing me to it,
How can this possibly be happening?
How could I have aged so, in a single night?

I sat back on the bed , my face in my palms,
I was eighty, weak and old, and all on my own,
Last night I had a family and a life to live
Now, all was left, was to die, die ALONE!

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