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Oh no! Not me!

Oh no! Not me!
I don’t feel bad that we broke up,
No, not even a little,
I don’t regret you leaving me,
No, Not even a bit!

No, I don’t sink myself in your thoughts,
No, I don’t do that.
And I don’t curse myself for letting go,
No, I cannot do that.
And I don’t treasure your memories,
No, I wouldn’t do that.

All I feel is, if I do, the futility,
Of the feelings,
Of meanings,
Of those lines,
That I write,
For you,
For us,
For the love,
So Disastrous.
Of the promises
That were made,
Of the love
That is dead.
Of the heart
That bled,
Tears red.

And I don’t regret me being sad,
And then I think, I’m really glad,
The weakness is gone,
The insecurity,
There is no fantasy,
Just reality.

I don’t regret falling, nor the lips that I’ve tasted,
But I do regret, in a way, all the love that I’ve wasted.


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Oh Clouds!

The clouds cry love,
For those who can’t cry,
For the ones who’ve shed,
Shed themselves dry.

And they cry, the clouds,
For the pain that they see,
For the emptiness; and
The pain they see in me.

The clouds soar above me,
Far, so far above I see,
Mocking me, reminding me,
Of you, so far, away from me.

And dark they turn, the clouds,
Resembling my heart,
For you and light are the same,
Exactly the same, apart.

You may go now, your way,
On your way, to those others,
Others who suffer of the same,
Others who chose to be lovers.

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Without You!

I held you in your worst,
At your best, you left;
Tears of joy at your arrival,
At your leave, I wept;
Your coldness broke me down,
Yet towards you, I crept;
How unbearable seemed reality,
For your dreams, I slept.

I slept with you in my heart,
I slept with your memories;
I slept with you in my dreams,
I slept, my love, in your memories.

The truth breaks the heart,
The remorse seems soothing,
Apathy, the only cure,
The heart, unwilling
To move out of this darkness,
Into the sun of hope;
Hope of love, hope of life,
Hope to have another hope.

Hope of yet another hope,
Hope of you returning back,
Hope of you accepting me,
Hope of us coming back.

This resilient heart of mine, never submits,
That love for me, your beauty, never admits.

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They praise me, for
The creations I create.
They praise me, for
The lines that I make;
And for the way I write,
And bring to life,
My thoughts; and their feelings,
And the nature’s callings.

I talk not of happiness.
I talk not of the good times.
I pay not heed to the schemes,
Nor to the rhymes in the lines.
All I do is, express
The feelings within me;
And the sadness
In me, that you do not see.

The failures of words, you do not see;
My failure of expression, you do not see.

I write and use, all that I know.
I write my heart out, to let you know,
How beautiful it is to me,
The nature, that my eyes see.
I fail to explain the beauty;
The beauty that I see.

For how; how do I talk,
Of the dead buds on the sidewalk?
And how do I choose the perfect word,
To describe that green’s perfect shade?
And how do I talk of the fragrance,
That holds death and love in the balance!

How do you describe it when you see,
A couple in love for forever, their serenity!
Does ‘love’ do justice to what they bear?
One may find the perfect word; but where?

Perhaps my knowledge limits me.
Perhaps it is me merely being a man.
Perhaps there are no words for thee,
Oh nature, perhaps I try in vain.
But I shall strive to put you in words.
And I shall put in words, what I feel within.

And may I fail; and fail yet again.
And there I may end, where you begin.

And thus shall I fail, oh nature, in my ventures,
And yet, I shall be praised, for my failures.


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Natasha you think you’re hurt,
Natasha look at me!
Natasha look in my eyes.
Natasha what do you see?

You’ll see my smile,
You’ll see my tears,
You’ll see what my heart bears.
You’ll see my heart,
You’ll see my soul,
You’ll see in me, your entire world.
You’ll see my days,
You’ll see my nights,
You’ll see yourself, as my guiding light.
You’ll see my weakness,
You’ll see my might,
You’ll see in me, my every fight.
You’ll see the moon,
You’ll see the sun,
You’ll see you and me, together as one.

You’ll see the world Natasha, that you’ve always wished for.
You’ll see yourself Natasha, the one that I had fallen for.

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Diary of a Werewolf III

She stroked my hair. I felt at peace. The part of me that longed for violence, that fed on the fear of the people, was asleep. I could not feel it anymore. As I lay my head on her lap, she kissed my forehead and gave me a different feeling, so different from the ones that I was used to. A feeling that I had not felt for so long that it seemed new. I felt wanted, needed, loved; accepted.

I closed my eyes and saw again the hour that I had just spent with her. How the wolf had roared with passion and pulled her closer and held her with all it’s might and how she had submerged it right back into me with one kiss. How she calmed it down. It was like magic, or maybe, it was love. She had accepted both my sides. Even the one that did not deserve her. She looked more beautiful without the strings that covered her body. She looked purer. Like a baby, she had pulled me closer to her and given me everything she had; all her peace, all her warmth, her affection, her love; herself. She had surrendered herself to the monster within me. How tempting it was to the beast, the closeness of the naked flesh, the sound of the beating heart within her chest, the smell of the blood and how tempting it was to me; how I had longed for her, for her love. How eager, how powerfully rampant the monster grew and how abruptly it went back in as she touched my cheek and looked into my eyes, so deep, that it became falsely clear to me that I was cursed with the monster no more. She had hypnotized me, and the wolf. Is she the cure? My counterpart in the universe? My savior?

I opened my eyes and stared up at that face, that looked down on me, making me want to live again, to be happy, to be good, to be, not a monster, to be hers. A tear had rolled down to my ear and she had wept it. I think she understood. I think she read my thoughts when I thought of the thing that I really was, a monster, to which she had pulled my head into her bosom and said, “You’re mine.”

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Life has been long,
An extra two to a score,
I’ve been right, and been wrong,
And I know there will be more.

Who has it stopped though, from trying?
Which warrior is not afraid, of dying?
For the bird knows her early death is nigh’ing,
It does not stop her, not from flying.

We fly like the birds,
In the sky of possiblities,
We swim like the fishes,
In the sea of possibilites,
And in the fire of possibilties we burn,
Waiting like the moth, for our turn.

I write and write, and write what I feel,
For poetry, you need nothing, but zeal.
You need not a topic, nor the rythm divine,
If you have feelings in heart, your poem’s divine.

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